Melodie is a Trainer at Karen Lord Pilates Movement
She brings out the ethos of empathy and athleticism to KLPM. She trains with heart and has a knack for seeing a body and knowing what it needs and how pilates can help. She is known for really connecting with clients and addressing issues with intelligence, strength, safety.

Melodie an avid runner, marathoner and triathlete who knows how to use pilates as the basis of strength and safety for these super human endeavors. she possesses a passion for anatomy, life, people and animals friends.


"Melodie's classes and private sessions have helped re-shape my body, and given me so much stamina as a runner!"


Melodie instructs the following:
  • Beginner Reformer
  • 55 minute core centric reformer class for beginners or the more experienced client who wants a slower paced class that still challenges the entire body.

  • Double Trouble
  • 55 minute class consisting of a mixed tower and reformer workout. Half of the time on the reformer and the other half on the tower. This is an intermediate quick paced class not for the beginner or the faint of heart. Please have prior Pilates experience and know the machines. 5 client maximum. Double Trouble

  • Jumpboard on the Reformer

  • Beginner Tower Class
  • 55 minute class using the full classical tower focusing on the basics while exploring more exercises to get you ready for our advanced classes. For clients with prior Pilates experience who want a challenging class at a pace they can keep up with. A great workout for any level.

  • Advanced Tower Class
  • 55 minute class using the full tower with an emphasis on strength building, toning and lengthening the entire body from the power of the core. Heavier springs, new coordination and a series of varied, amped up and challenging exercises help you advance your practice and take your Pilates body to the next level. Not for first time clients, as these advanced moves require mastery of Pilates tower basics.

  • Advanced Reformer Class
  • 55 minute full body workout focusing on Pilates principles already learned as a beginner. This class is for clients who are comfortable in their Pilates practice and are ready for new challenges.

  • Jumpboard on the Reformer
  • Jump with us!
    Jumpboard on the Reformer class is an amazing way to get your extra cardio and feel the burn. This is an intense 55 minute reformer class with the jumpboard attached. This is a next level, advanced class, a client and KLPM team favorite that might make you fall in love with Pilates all over again. The heart rate is increased, calories are burned- this is mega- movement you will feel the next day. Advanced clients only-this class is not for beginners or the faint of heart. 8 client maximum.

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