The feeling can be light, even playful sometimes or deep and therapeutic. Our unique approach to training involves paying equal attention to the emotional anatomy and the physical anatomy - it forces you to “go deep” literally and figuratively. KLPM serves clients first, Pilates second. Follow the body, not just the practice. Due to the realistic, loving, tough style, KLPM has changed the landscape of Pilates, seemingly custom-made for fast-paced, stressful, urban lives.






Your pilates playdate with a tough love twist. This all-level class focuses on pilates fundamentals with a keen eye for great alignment and solid pace. Movement will be varied and upbeat, beginners will be guided, advanced clients will be challenged. Modifications will be given when needed. All will feel a balanced, full body workout.
Signature KLPM class. In this tough love power hour reformer class, you’ll sculpt a stronger body, up your pilates game and take your body to the next level with small and mighty movements. In this fun and advanced class, you’ll better connect your mind and body through mindful movements, breath work and abs, abs, abs. You will feel the burn as we build, breathe, flow, stretch, laugh and embark on a 55 minute full body pilates journey. Deliberately paced and challenging, this class is not for beginners. Bring your fun and positivity!
Deepen your pilates practice. Create a stronger body, elevate your mind-body connection in this faster paced reformer class building on foundational movements and then taking them to the next level. Beginners- plan to up your game and bring your focus. Modifications offered for those newer to pilates.
Soft and gentle when needed but builds into an incredibly effective full body workout. We focus on precision and alignment at a strong slow burn and deliberate pace. Great for beginners, clients new to pilates or those seeking an instructional core-focused workout. Experts welcome, you’ll be challenged!
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