We are a group of highly skilled Pilates personal trainers and client relations staff of various backgrounds, some of the best in the city. We are dedicated to challenging you in our classes and giving you the attentive private/semi-private sessions you need. We are empathic and caring, and treat your body by training the athlete within, opening the mind to greater fitness possibilities. We are a contemporary studio with a love of Pilates and a love of what it has done for us, and are eager to share this passion with you.



Karen Lord is the owner of and trainer at Karen Lord Pilates Movement.
Karen is passionate about Pilates, the mind/ body connection, wellness, emotional anatomy and bringing Pilates to the masses- working closely with clients of all populations including professional athletes, models, actors, mothers and fathers to be and cancer survivors.
Karen is a lover of people and movement, driven by change and personal evolution and is thrilled to be sharing our movement with you!
Jisun Kim is a born and raised Los Angeles native who graduated with a degree in Sociology from UCLA. Growing up in Los Angeles, she has always loved hiking but never considered herself an athlete and tried multiple disciplines to try to find something that connected her to her body and that was fun. Pilates was the first practice that brought her continuous joy and to a deeper awareness of her mind-body connection. The idea of moving and playing with purpose and strength resonated with her.

Having experienced firsthand the transformation of her own body through Pilates, Jisun will challenge and push you with compassion as well as train you to move your body with precision and control, leaving you feeling strong and invigorated.

Born and raised in Australia, Kate seems to think a cup of tea makes everything better and considers the reformer to be her "happy place".

Kate began taking Pilates to find relief from a chronic neck injury and was ultimately so amazed by the positive changes she felt, and the way in which Pilates completely reshaped her body, she studied to become a teacher through Polestar Pilates.

Kate is passionate about delivering a fun workout that will leave you feeling long, lithe, empowered and super toned.

She believes everyone can do Pilates and welcomes all levels into her classes. She also loves seeing the incredible changes in people’s bodies, confidence and wellbeing through Pilates.

She also loves prepping Mama's bodies for birth, Motherhood and post birth recovery.

Kate is known for her warmth and sense of humor and for making cues and commands sound a bit like polite invitations (when they probably aren't).

Roxanne's path in Pilates sprung from her love for dance. A classically trained ballerina for 8 years, she performed with the Philippines’ most prestigious ballet company, Ballet Manila.

She later took Pilates to enhance the strength and artistry of her craft, and later saw that her weekly sessions had not only significantly accelerated her dancing career, but had also given
her a sense of well-being in mind, body, and spirit that she couldn’t find in any other fitness routine.

Nika Eshetu has a laser-like focus when it comes to what your body needs in classes and private sessions, and a strong yet gentile approach to getting you there. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Master Instructor for the Evidence Based Fitness Academy, Golf Fitness Specialist, and Neurokinetic Therapy Certified.
She loves being “sneaky tough” in her teaching through making you work hard and sweat in what seems like an easy exercise, though we know pilates is never “easy”. 






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