W Magazine Jane's Addiction piece: "A Bumpy Ride," by Jane  

W's beauty director has found a way to get rid of cellulite.
After my torture session on the reformer at her eponymous manhattan studio, Pilates guru Karen Lord had me use a foam roller. 



Marie Claire: “Flash Guru,” by Claire Fontanetta, July 2015.

Who: NYC fashion stylist turned Pilates pro and founder of eponymously named Tribeca studio Karen Lord Pilates Movement.



New York Times: “Defying Tradition, and Working Out, to Wear Bridal Crop Tops,” by Sheila Marikar. Aug, 30, 2015

Sammy Hébert took classes at Karen Lord Pilates Movement in TriBeCa in anticipation of her Aug. 8 wedding.

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Racked_Jan 28 (updated layout)

Racked: “A Complete Guide to Conquering Pilates Machines,”

Ever walked into a Pilates studio, ready to take on your hour-long class, only to be terrified by all that equipment? You're not alone. Non-mat classes, with their simple props like rings and rubber balls, are foreign territory even to many gym class aficionados—but as Karen Lord explains, these machines are not difficult to master (despite the multitude of ways you can set them up).

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Well + Good: “Why Karen Lord wants to put the mat back in Pilates,” by Lisa Held

If you peek into Karen Lord’s chic Pilates studio on Duane Street in Tribeca, you’ll see eight reformers and five tower stations framed by white-washed, minimalist decor. But you’ll be missing a huge piece of the picture. 

On the floor below, a larger room looks nearly empty when class is not in session, since it’s left wide open for clients’ mats.

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Vogue_Directory_Feb 5

City Directory Fashion News Editor Alessandra Codinha has one secret to maintaining a toned physique amid a hectic schedule of shows and appointments—and that’s Karen Lord’s eponymous Tribeca studio on Duane Street.

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Into the Gloss_Jan 20

Into the Gloss: “Workout: Karen Lord’s Legs for Butt Workout,” by Maya Margolina

Workout: Karen Lord’s Legs For Butt.

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IntoTheGloss_June 2015

Into the Gloss: “Upgrade Your Workout Gear,” by Victoria Lewis

Karen Lord, Karen Lord Pilates Movement
“Pilates gear has to hold up—it's a tough workout, and my activewear really takes a beating.

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Yahoo Health: “Add This To Your Plank For A Tighter Butt,” by Molly Shea

We’ve all been there. You’re 30 seconds into a plank, and all you can think is that there must be something, anything, better than this. Try this next time — it’s a simple plank variation from Pilates instructor Karen Lord that strengthens your abs and blasts your booty into shape. It has all the core-building benefits of your average plank, minus the monotony.

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SportLuxe: “Morning Routines of Top LA and NYC Trainers,” by Noah Ries

“To be perfectly honest, I’m not a morning person. In fact, I’m practically nocturnal and I really have to fight to make mornings work for me.

“I make my cup of hot water and lemon (I really try to stick with the lemon water because can see such a big difference in my skin/digestion/life but I absolutely love the ritual of coffee in the mornings so sometimes I might make a cup of that with cardamom and cinnamon instead). As I’m preparing the boiling water, I do my pranic breathing for 7 minutes. It feels like an eternity, but it’s meditation and the challenge is to keep my mind on the breath."

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Avianca: “Relax En Nova York,” by Camila Neves

Relax En Nova York




Helena Bordon Blog: KLPM writeup on popular Brazilian blog

Karen Lord Pilates Movement Duane Street

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 LuliTonix: “DO THIS: 5 Feel Fab tips with Karen Lord

DO THIS: 5 Feel Fab tips with Karen Lord

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Strength: Working Up to a One Pound Weight

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.41.50 PM

Two Coffee Cups

This YouTube workout series consists of two exercise routines of a few minutes each. The videos are shared on Into the Gloss, a health and beauty site of the kind I would normally click right past. Despite incredible odds, the links now live on my browser’s bookmarks bar, right between Ravelry (a knitting website), and the DC Public Library’s downloadable media page.

The first video is Karen Lord’s Arms for Abs. The second video is Karen Lord’s Legs for Butt.

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 “9 Fun Valentine’s Day Studio Workouts,” by Caitlin Carlson

"Start the day off right with a special "Love Burns" mat pilates class at Karen Lord Pilates Movement"

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Beauty and the City Blog


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