"As dramatic as it may sound--and yet it's the god honest truth--Karen Lord Pilates changed my life! I had tried every "fad" exercise regiment over the course of many years, and never found one that I truly connected with. I got bored with the routines, hated the screaming and the nightclub atmosphere at all the "cool" gyms, loathed the competitive environment of even the yoga studios I tried. A friend suggested Pilates--something I had never considered as I knew nothing about it--and I came to Karen's studio, a bit skeptical but willing to give it a shot. Instantly I connected, and not just with the exercise form itself, but with Karen and the comfortable, happy, positive, encouraging environment of the studio. I got hooked! And the bonus is that I've seen tremendous change in my body, my posture, my spirit. When I leave one of the Tower classes, or after a mat session with Karen, I feel--and look!--strong, inside and out! I never in a zillion years thought I could have "bikini abs" and have fun while getting them there. I've been religiously coming to Karen's studio for three years and now I know I'm a lifer. You're stuck with me, Karen!"
-Elizabeth Kiester, NYC



"Anyone wanting a serious workout should get a Pilates session from Karen Lord Pilates Movement... I did and I feel muscles I didn't know existed."
-Whitney Mixter, LA



"I've been working with Karen Lord for the past four months after receiving a referral for her Pilates personal training services. I'd tried Pilates on my own in gym classes but they just weren't working well for me. I received so much more than I bargained for from the moment we first met. Karen is a positive and encouraging trainer who pays detailed attention to your practice and overall fitness. Once I step into her studio, I can feel a burst of her positive energy which motivates me to focus and get my workout on! I always leave feeling rejuvenated. I highly recommend Karen to anyone who wants a dedicated trainer who will inspire you to reach your fitness goals and more."
-Melissa Pereira, Melissa Pereira Communications



"Before fashion week castings begin, I can always count on Karen to get my girls in tip top shape for the shows. Her training is precise with great attention to detail so I always get fast results, a no brainer."

-Fuji Ruiz, Agent at Trump Model Management



"Karen made me confident being naked; enough said."
-Danielle Viscuso, Hair Colorist, NYC



"In one visit, I could understand Karen's direction for my body. She was friendly without distraction, consistent in focus without missing the little things that make the difference, and aware to attend my needs and challenge my ability. After our session, I felt strong and balanced as I walked through New York with a bounce in my step and center line lift!"
-Sue Lawrence, Pilates Instructor, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico



"Karen is an amazing, patient, Pilates instructor who has done wonders on perfecting my posture and toning my body from head to toe!"
-Stephanie Loyer, Model/ Social Worker, NYC/ CO



"I come to Karen's studio each week with a bit of apprehension about what I can do, then we work hard and laugh a lot. I leave happy, and find myself feeling very powerful through the day, which then extends through the week in a myriad of ways, until I get to see her again."
-Kate Fenner, Singer, NYC



"As a photographer my heavy equipment was weighing me down and knocking my body out of alignment. Karen really helped me get my body back feeling good again! Her attitude is awesome, she is fun and friendly but she makes you work hard so you feel you get your money's worth. I'm loving my sessions and it's crazy seeing my body change so fast! Plus I feel stronger than ever and more prepared physically for the long hours on set. She really knows how to give you the results you want quickly."
- Shanna Fisher, Photographer LA



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