We are a group of highly skilled Pilates personal trainers and client relations staff of various backgrounds, some of the best in the city. We are dedicated to challenging you in our classes and giving you the attentive private/semi-private sessions you need. We are empathic and caring, and treat your body by training the athlete within, opening the mind to greater fitness possibilities. We are a contemporary studio with a love of Pilates and a love of what it has done for us, and are eager to share this passion with you.



Karen Lord is the owner of and trainer at Karen Lord Pilates Movement.
Karen is passionate about Pilates, the mind/ body connection, wellness, emotional anatomy and bringing Pilates to the masses- working closely with clients of all populations including professional athletes, models, actors, mothers and fathers to be and cancer survivors.
Karen is a lover of people and movement, driven by change and personal evolution and is thrilled to be sharing our movement with you!
Melodie is a Trainer at Karen Lord Pilates Movement
She brings out the ethos of empathy and athleticism to KLPM. She trains with heart and has a knack for seeing a body and knowing what it needs and how pilates can help. She is known for really connecting with clients and addressing issues with intelligence, strength, safety.

Melodie an avid runner, marathoner and triathlete who knows how to use pilates as the basis of strength and safety for these super human endeavors. she possesses a passion for anatomy, life, people and animals friends.


"Melodie's classes and private sessions have helped re-shape my body, and given me so much stamina as a runner!"

Natia is a member of our Client Relations team
She will answer your questions, and help guide you in the right direction when choosing a trainer or class. Natia loves people and is inspired by The KLPM community and passionate about helping, and learning, people and life!

Natia has had success as a model but her hobbies are astounding. She is a classical concert pianist and composer, and a licensed sky diver and pilot! We love the diverse perspective she brings to the team. How can she help you?

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